Local Projects

  • 2010 – 2012 FireWatch (ΑΕΙΦΟΡΙΑ/ΦΥΣΗ/0609(ΒΙΕ)/09) Budget: 171,620 EURO

Web-site: http://firewatch.cs.ucy.ac.cy

This project aims to design and develop a ubiquitous fire detection and prediction system, coined FireWatch, based on state of the art technologies in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Terrain Analysis & Digital Terrain Modelling and Collaboration Systems.

  • 2008 – 2010 MELCO (ΤΠΕ/ΟΡΙΖΟ/0308(ΒΙΕ)/14) Budget- 129,996 EURO

Web-site: http://www.melco.cs.ucy.ac.cy

The main aim of the proposed project is the development of a Mobile Elderly Living Community (MELCO) system integrating innovative personalized Information Communication Technology (ICT) socialization and monitoring services making use of state-of-the-art mobile wireless technologies to improve the quality of life of elderly people, by stimulating and prolonging independent and active living in an outdoor environment.
MELCO supports an innovative social community model encouraging and supporting active participation, communication, socialization, mutual assistance and self-organization of the elderly, promoting seamless integration and interaction of different people (family members, caretakers, medical professionals, friends etc.) from all ages at any time and any place and providing daily activity monitoring. The model places the elderly person in the centre of the services, making him both a consumer and producer of assistance.

  • 2004 – 2005 PERSONA: Personalization for the Mobile and wireless User: (Rank first in the evaluation process). Budget: 27,750 CYP

The goal of this project is the creation of an architecture based on mobile agent technologies that it will be used for the deployment of a personalization system on internet services. Even that this architecture incorporates general elements, it’s focused on the area of wireless network services (WAP, IMode etc). The main purpose of this architecture is the efficient dynamic creation of personal internet portals that offers efficient access and retrieval of local hyperlinks through wireless networks.

  • 2001 – 2002 MATHON (Location Management for Mobile Agents), ($40000) (Rank first in the evaluation process)

The goal is the creation of a mechanism that manages the real location of mobile agents that travel on the internet searching for useful information for any application. This mechanism is flexible and efficient in a way that can satisfy the needs of the environment that have to cover. This environment involves wireless customers that use small devices with limited sources (palmtop, handheld) and mobile agents that moves frequently in many locations in the network.

  • 2000 – 2003 DITIS: A Distributed Collaborative System to Support the Home-Care Treatment of Cancer Patients via Mobile Devices ( Telemedicine via Mobile Devices) ($55000) (Rank second in the evaluation process)
  • 2004-2006 DITIS-ΔΙΤΗΣ, Akolouthia: Collaborative Virtual Medical team for home healthcare of cancer patients, Budget- 30000 CYP

Complex and chronic illnesses demand the use of specialist treatment protocols, administered and monitored by coordinated teams of professionals. The protracted nature of these illnesses raises the need for the provision of health-care to patients at home. Nevertheless, as it is not possible for the health-care team to be physically present by the patient at all times, or at any time physically together whilst the patient is undergoing treatment, there is a growing need for tools and systems that will support the creation, management and coordination of virtual and mobile medical teams that provide home-care services.

In our work, we address this problem in the context of home-care services provided to cancer patients in Cyprus by visiting nurses. To this end, we designed and implemented DITIS, a distributed collaborative system. The architecture of DITIS is comprised of a central Electronic Medical Record (EMR) database storing patient-related data, and a middleware system implementing communication, collaboration and information sharing services. DITIS supports access to the EMR database and the collaborative component of DITIS from a variety of mobile terminals with wireless (GSM) connectivity, such as Personal Digital Assistants by 3Com (Palm Pilots), handheld devices running Microsoft Windows for Handheld PCs, and, lately, WAP phones.

DITIS services can be used by nurses to review parts of a patient’s record and history of treatment, to enter a patient’s continuation during a visit at his home, to schedule appointments for home-care, and to notify other members of the medical team (doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists or other nurses) about issues pertinent to a patient’s treatment.